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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Installation
    2. System requirements
    3. Registering iPhoto Library Manager
    4. About iPhoto libraries
    5. A note about iPhoto version numbers
  2. Managing iPhoto libraries
    1. Creating a new library
    2. Adding an existing library
    3. Removing a library
    4. Duplicating a library
    5. Moving a library
    6. Renaming a library
    7. Accessing an iPhoto library on another Mac
    8. Using Aperture libraries with iPhoto 9.3 and later
  3. Using your iPhoto libraries
    1. Opening a library
    2. Using library shortcuts
    3. Using a digital camera with multiple libraries
    4. Using web galleries with multiple libraries
    5. Using Photo Stream with multiple libraries
  4. Browsing your iPhoto libraries
    1. Grid view
    2. List view
    3. Viewing full sized photos
    4. The information pane
    5. Searching for photos
    6. Multi-library search
    7. Browsing tips and tricks
  5. Finding duplicate photos
    1. Find Duplicates overview
    2. Starting the duplicate finding process
    3. Browsing your duplicates
    4. Choosing keepers with duplicate rules
    5. Criteria details
    6. Performing actions on duplicate photos
    7. Changing duplicate actions manually
    8. Duplicate tips and tricks
  6. Copying between iPhoto libraries
    1. Copying albums and events
    2. Copying individual photos
    3. Importing new photos into a library
    4. Merging libraries
    5. Previewing your copying
    6. Handling duplicates when copying
    7. What can and can't be copied
    8. Log files
  7. Rebuilding a corrupted iPhoto library
  8. Common tasks
    1. Copying photos from one Mac to another
    2. Merging libraries from two different Macs
    3. Copying photos from a CD/DVD backup
    4. Restoring photos from Time Machine
    5. Storing a library on an external drive
    6. Splitting a library into smaller libraries
    7. Creating a new library using photos not already in iPhoto
    8. Transferring your iPhoto Library Manager setup to a new Mac
  9. Preferences
  10. Frequently asked questions
    1. How can I make the same list of keywords appear in all my iPhoto libraries?
    2. If I just copied an album to another library, is it safe to delete that album from the original library? How do I do that?
    3. Why is the rebuilt/merged copy of my library smaller than the original library?
    4. Can I use iPhoto Library Manager to "downgrade" my library to an older version of iPhoto?
    5. How does iPhoto Library Manager handle photos stored outside the iPhoto library package?
    6. I moved a bunch of duplicates to the trash, but how do I move them back out?
  11. Troubleshooting
    1. Disappearing iPhoto libraries on external drives
    2. Dealing with a corrupt iPhoto library
    3. iPhoto Library Manager stops and displays an error message when copying or merging
    4. iPhoto gives an error message when trying to open a library
    5. iPhoto Library Manager’s progress stalls during a long operation
    6. The installed version of iPhoto is not compatible with the installed version of OS X
  12. Support
  13. Release notes

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