Grid view

The grid view of the photo browser allows you to look through your photos much like you do in iPhoto, with your photos arranged in a grid, showing a small preview of each photo with some basic information below the photo itself. The slider in the lower right corner allows you to change the size of the photos, and selecting an individual photo will display that photo's information in the info pane in the lower left corner of the window.

You may seen one or more of the following icons superimposed on a photo in the grid view:

flag.tiff - indicates you have flagged that photo in iPhoto

hidden.tiff - indicates the photos has been marked as "hidden" in iPhoto

Pasted Graphic.tiff - indicates the original for this photo is referenced outside the library package

Pasted Graphic 1.tiff - indicates the full size image file for this photo cannot be found; if the small thumbnail version of the photo can be found, it will still be displayed

Pasted Graphic 2.tiff - indicates that neither the full size image nor a thumbnail image for this photo can be found/read

You can customize the appearance of the grid view by using the various commands available in the View menu. These include:

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