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Changing duplicate actions manually

While duplicate rules provide a very flexible way to decide which duplicate photos to keep and get rid of, sometimes you may still want to make some decisions yourself, rather than leaving everything up to the automated rules.

You can do this by clicking on the small arrow that appears in the lower right hand corner of a particular photo when you move the mouse over it (or control-clicking anywhere on the photo). This will display a menu showing the list of actions that you can assign to the photo. Choosing one of the actions will assign that action to the photo, replacing any existing action that was assigned to it by a duplicate rule. If you don’t want any action taken on a particular photo, just choose the “Clear Action” menu item instead.

The “Mark as Keeper” menu item can be used to change which photo is marked as the keeper, denoted by a checkmark above the photo. When you change a group’s keeper photo, the default actions you’ve chosen for keepers and nonkeepers will automatically be assigned to the photos in the duplicate group based on your new keeper choice.

Each action can also be assigned to a photo via a keyboard shortcut, as listed below. If you use the arrow keys to navigate through the photos in the duplicate browser, you can use this in conjunction with the keyboard shorctuts to customize your duplicate actions without ever using the mouse.

Keyboard shortcuts:

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