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The installed version of iPhoto is not compatible with the installed version of OS X

Certain versions of OS X enforce a minimum version of iPhoto that must be installed, and will refuse to run older versions. If this is the case, then trying to open libraries or perform other operations with iPhoto Library Manager will likely result in an error message saying that the installed version of iPhoto is not compatible.

Normally, it would be a simple matter of updating your version of iPhoto via the Mac App Store, but since Apple’s release of their new Photos app, iPhoto is now no longer available on the app store, which makes it impossible to directly update older versions of iPhoto. It is still possible for most Macs to get the latest version of iPhoto, but it now requires jumping through some hoops. To download the latest version of iPhoto:

  1. First, make sure your backups are up to date, just in case you should need to revert or retry any of the steps here.
  2. Click the Finder icon in the dock to bring it to the front, then select the Applications folder (or press command-shift-a).
  3. Look for iPhoto in the list of applications - if it is indeed an incompatible version, it will likely have a circle with a slash through it displayed over the app’s icon.
  4. Drag iPhoto from the Applications folder to the trash. Emptying the trash isn’t necessary, but you can do so if you need to clear up some free space.
  5. Select “App Store…” from the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  6. Click on the “Purchases” tab. iPhoto should appear in the list of apps shown there, with an “Install” button next to it
  7. Click “Install” to install the latest version of iPhoto from the app store.
  8. If you’ve installed OS X 10.10.3 with the new Photos app, that will have also removed the iPhoto icon from your dock. If you wish to restore it, after iPhoto has finished installing, drag the iPhoto icon from the Applications folder to the dock to add it back in.

There are a few obstacles you may encounter when following these steps:

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