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PowerPhotos Help

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Installation
    2. System Requirements
    3. Registering PowerPhotos
    4. About Photos libraries
    5. Moving from iPhoto Library Manager to PowerPhotos
  2. Managing Photos libraries
    1. Creating a new library
    2. Adding an existing library
    3. Removing a library
    4. Duplicating a library
    5. Moving a library
    6. Renaming a library
    7. Using library groups
    8. Accessing a Photos library on another Mac
    9. Backing up your Photos libraries
  3. Using your Photos libraries
    1. Opening a library
    2. About the System Photo Library
    3. Using iCloud Photos with PowerPhotos
    4. Using iCloud Shared Photo Library with PowerPhotos
    5. Using a digital camera with multiple libraries
    6. Storing libraries on cloud services such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive
    7. Opening libraries with the PowerPhotos status menu
  4. Browsing your Photos libraries
    1. Grid view
    2. List view
    3. Viewing full size photos
    4. The information pane
    5. Searching for photos
    6. Multi-library search
    7. Creating an album of photos
    8. Deleting photos
    9. Viewing libraries in separate windows
  5. Finding duplicate photos
    1. Find Duplicates overview
    2. Starting a duplicate search
    3. Duplicate comparison options
    4. Browsing your duplicates
    5. Choosing keepers with duplicate rules
    6. Criteria details
    7. Choosing keepers manually
    8. Deleting your duplicate photos
    9. Duplicate tips and tricks
  6. Copying between Photos libraries
    1. Copying albums
    2. Copying individual photos
    3. Importing new photos into a library
    4. Merging libraries
    5. Previewing your copying
    6. Handling duplicates when copying
    7. Copying limitations
    8. Copying and merging with iCloud Photos
    9. Moving photos instead of copying
    10. Log files
  7. Exporting photos from a library
  8. Migrating iPhoto and Aperture libraries
  9. Frequently asked questions
    1. Restoring photos from Time Machine
    2. Storing a library on an external drive
    3. Splitting a library into smaller libraries
    4. Creating a new library using photos not already in Photos
    5. Undoing photo deletions
    6. Sharing a library between multiple user accounts on one Mac
    7. Merging libraries from multiple Macs
    8. How to merge an iPhoto library with a Photos library
    9. PowerPhotos duplicate detection compared to built-in Photos duplicate detection
  10. Troubleshooting
    1. PowerPhotos crashing or hanging at startup (safe mode)
    2. Reduced library size after merging
    3. Incomplete merge due to Photos crashes or other errors
    4. Find Duplicates seems to be missing some duplicate photos
    5. Allowing PowerPhotos access to your Photos libraries
  11. Preferences
  12. Support
  13. Release Notes

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