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PowerPhotos crashing or hanging at startup (safe mode)

If you are having an issue that is causing PowerPhotos to crash or hang at startup, you can try enabling safe mode to see if that will let you at least get PowerPhotos open in order to troubleshoot the problem.

To enable safe mode, hold down the shift key while PowerPhotos is opening up. You should see a message saying that safe mode has been enabled.

When safe mode is enabled, the following things happen:

  • PowerPhotos will clear out any caches that it maintains, in case something in the cache has been corrupted that is causing a problem
  • When selecting a library, instead of loading and displaying it automatically, you will instead see a “Load Library” button that you can click to explicitly load the library

Since the vast majority of these types of crashes/hangs occur in the process of trying to display a library, enabling safe mode will let you experiment and figure out which of your libraries is triggering a hang or crash. You can then either remove that library, or select Help > Contact Support to get in touch with us to figure out what’s going wrong with that particular library.

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