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If you are experiencing a problem using PowerPhotos, you can contact tech support in two ways.

Open up PowerPhotos and select “Contact Support” from the Help menu. This will bring up a window where you can explain your problem and send it directly to Fat Cat Software support. This is the preferred method, as it will automatically transmit basic information about your setup that will help in making sure your problem can be diagnosed quickly and correctly. The following information will automatically be included with your request:

  • The version of PowerPhotos you have installed
  • The version of Photos you have installed
  • The version of macOS you have installed
  • Your PowerPhotos preferences file
  • Your Photos preferences file

Checking the “Include PowerPhotos logs” checkbox will send the log files created by PowerPhotos while performing various operations. These logs are stored in ~/Library/Logs/PowerPhotos.

Additionally, if you are experiencing a problem that involves Photos crashing or PowerPhotos crashing, you can include the appropriate crash log(s) with your submission. All information that is submitted is transferred over an encrypted SSL connection.

Alternately, you can also e-mail for support at support@fatcatsoftware.com

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