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Removing or deleting a library

If you no longer wish to use a library, you can remove it from your library list either by clicking the "Remove Library" toolbar button or selecting "Remove Library" from the File menu. This will remove the library from your list in PowerTunes, but it will not actually delete the library and its associated files from the disk. So, if you do remove a library from PowerTunes in this manner, you can always add it back in using the "Add Library" command.

If you want to delete the library outright from your hard drive, you can hold down the option key while using the Remove Library command, and you'll see that the button/menu item changes to "Delete Library". If you do this, the library will be removed from your library list, and the library and its associated files will be moved to the trash as well.

Removing or deleting a library will never delete any of your music or video files. If you need to clear up space in your media folder, you should either use the "Clean Up Music Folder" feature in PowerTunes, or just delete the files manually either through iTunes or the Finder.

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