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PowerPhotos 2.0.7 released with several bug fixes, plus Ventura update in the works

Today I released a bug fix update for PowerPhotos, version 2.0.7, which has the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug where PowerPhotos would claim that a library was still being used in a merge even after the merge had completed.
  • Removed the option to rename libraries on disk, as it could cause hanging/display issues on macOS Monterey.
  • Fixed a "IPEvaluateDuplicateRulesOperation.Type has not been run yet" error that would be shown when trying to use a "Live Photos is true/false" duplicate rule.
  • Fixed an error that would be displayed try to open a library when the current active Photos library is missing.
  • When merging into a new library, we now select the newly merged library in the library list after the merge finishes.

Users already running 2.0.x can use the “Check For Updates” menu item within the app to download and install the new version, or grab the latest version from the PowerPhotos web page.

I’ve also been testing PowerPhotos with the macOS Ventura betas throughout the summer, and so far have only found a few minor bugs, mostly cosmetic. PowerPhotos will be able to support the upcoming iCloud Shared Library feature in Ventura, so you’ll be able to access photos in both your personal iCloud library and your shared iCloud library. That update for PowerPhotos will be released whenever Apple announces a final release date for Ventura itself, and I’ve had a chance to test with the final prerelease version of Ventura.

The currently version of PowerPhotos isn’t officially supported with the Ventura betas, but generally runs pretty well. If you encounter any issues with PowerPhotos on Ventura, feel free to contact us by selecting the Help > Contact Support menu item in the PowerPhotos app.