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PowerPhotos 2.0.2 bug fix release, plus PowerPhotos 1.9.12 fixes Ventura crash

Today I released a bug fix update for PowerPhotos, version 2.0.2, which has the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug where dragging an iPhoto library into the library list would still add it even after displaying a message saying that it instead needs to be migrated to Photos.
  • Improved cancellation responsiveness during the latter stages of a duplicate search.
  • Fixed a bug where the support attachments window would not accept files dragged from the Finder
  • Fixed a bug where the same set of duplicate photos would be shown multiple times in the duplicate browser
  • Fixed a bug where Finder creation dates set on export would be offset by the user's time zone
  • Improved progress message while evaluating duplicates during a merge to clarify that photos will merely be skipped, not trashed.

Users already running 2.0.x can use the “Check For Updates” menu item within the app to download and install the new version, or grab the latest version from the PowerPhotos web page.

Additionally, since Apple released the first public beta of macOS Ventura, I’d received reports that PowerPhotos 1.9.x was crashing on launch on those betas. I posted a quick update to version 1.9.12 that should fix that crash. That update can be downloaded from our PowerPhotos downloads page.