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PowerPhotos 2.1 now out with support for macOS Ventura

With Apple’s release of macOS 10.13 Ventura today, PowerPhotos has now been updated to version 2.1 which officially supports Ventura. There wasn’t actually much that needed fixing, mostly cosmetic things which I’ve been slowly fixing and releasing over the summer. You won’t notice much different in PowerPhotos 2.1, but the documentation has been updated with some important information about how PowerPhotos interacts with the new iCloud Shared Photo Library feature introduced in Ventura. You can read the full details here but the short version is this:

  1. When you have a shared library enabled in Photos, photos are either part of your personal photo library, or the shared photo library. Photos gives you a choice of viewing just the personal library, just the shared library, or both libraries combined. PowerPhotos (and other third party apps) can only show the combined view of both libraries, and cannot distinguish which photos are part of the personal library and which are part of the shared library.
  2. If you copy, merge, or import photos into a library using PowerPhotos, those photos will be added to the personal library. If you want the photos to be in the shared library, you’ll need to select them in Photos itself and use the “Move to Shared Library” menu item to move them that way.
  3. Just like with iCloud Photos, the shared library feature only interacts with your system photo library. Any other libraries you have set up in PowerPhotos are completely local to your Mac and will not interact with iCloud or the shared library at all.

PowerPhotos 2.1 is a free update. Users already running 2.0.x can use the “Check For Updates” menu item within the app to download and install the new version, or grab the latest version from the PowerPhotos web page.