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PowerPhotos 1.8 now keeps albums intact when deleting duplicates

I’m pleased to announce the release of PowerPhotos 1.8 today, which contains a couple big new features and several other small improvements. It is a free update for all PowerPhotos users, and you can either use the “Check For Updates” menu item in your current version of PowerPhotos to update, or download the new version from our website. This update tackles one of the common problems people run across when deleting duplicate photos, which is that any photos you delete also get removed from any albums they belong to in your library. In version 1.8 when running on macOS Catalina, you can now opt to have PowerPhotos replace the deleted duplicates with the “keeper” copy of the photo that is not being deleted, thus keeping all your albums intact. There is also a new option to add all the photos to a new album in the library rather than deleting them straight away (this is the same method used on Mojave, where deleting photos directly is not possible). This allows you to review the photos before deleting them manually, or handle them otherwise as you see fit.Also new in version 1.8 (for macOS Catalina users) is the ability to delete photos directly from PowerPhotos, rather than having to open your library in the Photos app and delete them from there. Simply select the photos and press command-delete, and they’ll be removed from the library. Note that this did change some keyboard shortcuts: before, command-delete would remove the currently selected library from your library list. Now, command-delete deletes photos, and command-shift-delete is used to remove a library. There are also a number of small improvements, such as an update default duplicate keeper rule, a new option to choose duplicates based on whether they’ve been edited, and a few other improvements and bug fixes. You can read the full release notes here.