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PowerPhotos 1.9 is out, with support for macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon

Today, PowerPhotos has been updated to add support for macOS Big Sur, as well as running natively on Apple’s new Apple Silicon Macs that use Apple’s own M1 CPU rather than Intel’s. PowerPhotos 1.9 adopts the new look and feel of Big Sur, including an updated sidebar, toolbar icons, and other fit and finish, as well as ensuring all of PowerPhotos features such as finding duplicates and merging libraries work as expected on the new operating system. This update also runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs, giving maximum performance for users running PowerPhotos on those new machines. The PowerPhotos 1.9 update is free for all users, and requires either macOS Catalina or Big Sur.In addition to these big compatibility updates, PowerPhotos 1.9 includes a handful of bug fixes, and one new feature: the ability to copy RAW+JPG pairs that are imported as a single item from a digital camera. In previous versions, PowerPhotos could only copy one of the two versions of the photo over to another library, but in version 1.9, both versions of the photo are copied, and PowerPhotos also retains the choice that you have made for which format is used as the “original” when performing edits.