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Mountain Lion and iPhoto 9.3.2 compatibility

Apple released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion today, the latest and greatest version of their operating system. All current versions of our apps are already compatible with Mountain Lion, so as long as you’re up to date with the latest version (iPhoto Library Manager 3.8.2, PowerTunes 1.2.2, and PlistEditPro 1.7.4), you should be all set as far as upgrading to Mountain Lion. If you have an older version, just use the “Check For Updates” menu item within the application to update to the latest version. Apple also released a minor iPhoto update today, bumping it up to version 9.3.2. This required some minor tweaks to iPhoto Library Manager to ensure full compatibility, but version 3.8.2 has the necessary changes and will let you copy/merge/rebuild properly using iPhoto 9.3.2. Read further for more details on the specific Mountain Lion issues that were resolved in these updates.Firstly, all three applications are now signed and ready for the new Gatekeeper functionality in Mountain Lion, so you will not be warned upon opening the app for the first time that it’s from an “unidentified developer”. We’re legit, I promise. :-) Both iPhoto Library Manager and PowerTunes had an issue where sometimes, when trying to switch libraries, the switch wouldn’t “take” right away and the previous library would still get opened up in iPhoto. The new updates correct this issue. Finally, there is actually a Mountain Lion bug that caused previous versions of PlistEdit Pro to not be able to access its existing preference settings and registration info, so launching an old version on Mountain Lion will be like you opened the app for the first time. PlistEdit Pro 1.7.4 corrects this problem.