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iPLM compatibility with iPhoto 9.4

Apple released iPhoto 9.4 yesterday, which provides a couple new features like compatibility with iOS 6’s new Shared Photo Stream capability. iPhoto Library Manager 3.8.3 has a couple issues with the new version of iPhoto, which I will be working on fixing up over the next few days, and hope to have an update available sometime next week. If you need to use iPLM to copy photos, or merge/rebuild libraries, I recommend sticking with iPhoto 9.3.2 for now. I will post again when the iPLM update is ready. The known issues are: When copying edited photos, only the edited version of the photo will be copied over, without including the original When you use the “New Library” button to create a new library, or when merging/rebuilding into a new library, iPhoto will ask to upgrade the newly created library when you first open it. It’s fine to go ahead and upgrade the library, but this can be an interruption to the workflow, as iPhoto won’t continue launching until the upgrade has been performed The name of the current library does not appear in the iPhoto window’s title bar