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iPhoto 9.5 and Mavericks

Apple held one of their press events today, where they announced (among other things) the release of the next version of OS X, called Mavericks, and a new update to iPhoto, version 9.5. The current version of iPhoto Library Manager (4.0.9) is already compatible with Mavericks and does not need updating just to work with the new version of the OS. There will be a couple Mavericks tweaks I’ll be doing in the next iPLM update, but there are no major bugs when running 4.0.9 on Mavericks. iPhoto 9.5 will require iPLM to be updated to fix a few things. Basic functionality such as viewing, creating, and opening iPhoto libraries will work fine with iPhoto 9.5, but an update will be necessary to be able to copy photos, merge libraries, and remove duplicate photos. The changes are relatively minor though, so I hope to have that update (which will be a free update from 4.0.9) ready sometime next week at the latest. In the meantime, if you need to use any of those functions of iPLM, I would recommend holding off on updating iPhoto for now.