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iPhoto Library Manager 4.1 now available, with support for iPhoto 9.5 and Mavericks

iPhoto Library Manager version 4.1 has just been posted, and includes support for copying photos, merging/rebuilding libraries, and eliminating duplicate photos with iPhoto 9.5 and OS X Mavericks. You can update by either using the “Check For Updates” menu item within the program, or by downloading the new version from our website. Version 4.1 also includes a number of changes to how you can use duplicate rules to determine which photo from a group of duplicates you want to keep and which ones you want to get rid of. These changes are aimed at streamlining and simplifying the process a bit. For more details, you can read the updated documentation, or just try out the Find Duplicates command in the new version and play around with the new interface.Full release notes for iPLM 4.1: Improvements Updated for compatibility with iPhoto 9.5 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks Photos can now be copied to/from libraries created by Aperture When searching a single library for duplicates, we now display the name of the photo’s event rather than the photo’s library below each photo Improved handling of iPhoto crashes and hangs during photo copying operations Duplicate Rule Changes Configuring duplicate rules is no longer required when first starting the search, but instead is done while browsing the duplicates after the search has completed. Only one duplicate rule can be enabled at a time. It was very rare that running multiple rules at once would be useful, and could sometimes cause confusing results. The photo that is chose by a duplicate rule is now called a “keeper”, rather than simply “chosen”. This makes it clearer that the intention of the rule is to determine which duplicate you want to keep. A new “Always keep only a single keeper” option was added, to ensure that you can always narrow things down to one keeper, even if the criteria specified in your duplicate rule ends up with a “tie” (i.e. all the duplicates are completely identical). Actions are now separate from the duplicate rules themselves, and you can select a separate action to perform on keepers vs. nonkeepers Since duplicate rules are configured in the duplicate browser now, it’s no longer necessary to switch back and forth to the setup view to see what photos different rules end up selecting The built-in duplicate rules are now separate from custom rules, preventing accidental deletion. Bug fixes Fixed a bug where trying to copy photos from an iPhoto 7 or earlier library would result in an error Fixed a problem where some Aperture libraries would not have their albums displayed correctly in the album list Libraries can no longer be removed from the library list if they’re part of an ongoing Find Duplicates operation Fixed a problem where moving duplicates to the trash wouldn’t work with certain iPhoto 8 libraries Fixed a bug where user defined places would not be copied when copying individual photos with iPhoto 8 When backing up a library before a merge, we now close the library first if it’s open in iPhoto Fixed an issue when copying photos that could create a second copy of a user defined place instead of reusing the existing one Smart albums in Aperture libraries now show the correct number of photos We no longer allow moving a library to the trash if it’s currently open in Aperture Duplicating an Aperture library now maintains the .aplibrary file extension on the new copy Fixed a bug where some albums would not have their manual ordering preserved when copied to another library The “Reveal Library in Finder” menu item is now enabled correctly Fixed a problem where some album folders would not be displayed when viewing an iPhoto 9.2.x library Fixed an issue where, if no photos matched a duplicate criterion, the photos would not be passed through to the rest of the criteria in the rule Fixed an issue where not all photos would display when loading some iPhoto libraries from version 7 and earlier Zooming in the duplicate browser no longer causes some borders between groups not to be drawn correctly