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iPhoto Library Manager 4.0 now available!

I’m very pleased to announce that iPhoto Library Manager version 4.0 is now available for download. This is a major upgrade that’s been in the works for quite some time, so I’m very happy to be able to finally share it with the world. Version 4.0 features an all new interface, browsing and searching capabilities, duplicate detection and removal, and much more. Continue reading for more details on what’s new.Version 4.0 features an all new interface, including a photo browser which allows you to look through the photos in any of your libraries without having to open the library in iPhoto itself. You can browse your photos in a grid view, much like in iPhoto, or in a list view, which gives you a handy overview of your photos’ metadata. There is also a search field which lets you search for photos either in a single library, or across all your libraries at once. Just like in the old versions, you can use iPLM to copy photos, albums, or events from one library to another, merge multiple libraries together, or rebuild a corrupted iPhoto library. Now, before proceeding with one of these operations, iPLM can display a preview of what the resulting iPhoto library will look like before you proceed with the copy/merge/rebuild. This helps you decide whether you have things set up the way you want before spending time on actually copying all the photos from one library to another. Probably the biggest additional to this version is a new duplicate detection feature, which lets you search one or more iPhoto libraries for duplicate photos, and view them side by side to see how many duplicates you have in your libraries. A flexible rule based system also lets you automatically assign actions to your duplicate photos, allowing you to move photos to the trash, flag them, assign a keyword to them, and more. The copying and merging features also take advantage of this new duplicate detection system, to allow you to further customize how you want duplicates to be handled when copying photos between libraries. If you’d like to read about iPLM 4’s many other small improvements as well, you can see the full list of changes on our release notes page. You can download iPLM 4 and try it out for free right now. Most features of iPLM 4, including creating, adding, browsing, and searching libraries, finding duplicate photos, and rebuilding libraries can all used for free for an unlimited time. Licensed users gain access to more advanced features of the program, including copying photos, merging libraries, and performing actions on duplicate photos. A license for iPLM 4 can be purchased at our online store for $29.95. If you have already purchased iPLM 3, an upgrade price of $14.95 is available as well. For more details on upgrading, please visit our iPLM 4 Upgrade FAQ page. I’ve enjoyed working on this upgrade a lot, and I hope that you find all the new additions to be helpful in getting your iPhoto libraries under control. My thanks to all the people who helped out with beta testing, and if you have any suggestions or problems, please e-mail us at support@fatcatsoftware.com.