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Moving your media folder

PowerTunes provides a one-step solution for a common task: moving your media folder to a different location. For example, you may decide that you want to move your media folder out of your home folder so that other users can access it, or to an external hard drive to clear up space on your main hard drive. To move your media folder, select the library whose media folder you wish to move, and choose "Move/Copy Media Folder" from the Library menu.

You will then be asked to choose a new location and name for your media folder. PowerTunes currently only supports moving the entire media folder as a unit, so you cannot choose an existing folder and combine the contents of the two. There is also a checkbox located near the bottom of the sheet that lets you opt to make a new copy of the media folder rather than moving the existing folder. Note that if you choose a destination on a different disk from the existing media folder, PowerTunes will automatically copy the media folder.

After choosing your location, PowerTunes will proceed to move/copy the media folder to the new location. After that is done, it will then modify the selected library to point to the new media folder location. PowerTunes will automatically quit and relaunch iTunes, which forces iTunes to rescan the new media folder and update its tracks to make sure they all point to the correct, new locations. If you have multiple libraries that all use the same media folder, PowerTunes will repeat this process with each library, to make sure that they are all updated correctly.

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