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PowerTunes is being discontinued

Starting in macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple has announced that they will be discontinuing iTunes in favor of a suite of separate apps: Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts. Unfortunately, the new Music app does not provide the necessary hooks for PowerTunes to be able to function with it the way it could with iTunes. Therefore, I’ve decided that I’ll be discontinuing development of PowerTunes. This means: PowerTunes will no longer be available for purchase on our website, and will no longer be officially supported. I have posted one final update for PowerTunes which makes it no longer require registration in order to run. When run on macOS Catalina, the only function available is to browse and locate your libraries. All other functions (copying, merging, finding orphans, etc.) are disabled. For users who have multiple iTunes libraries and want to migrate them over to the new Music app on Catalina, I have posted a short guide on how to use the new Music app to migrate your iTunes libraries. If you wish to perform any copying or merging of your libraries, you should do so using iTunes and macOS Mojave first. Once you upgrade to Catalina, you’ll no longer be able to use PowerTunes to perform these tasks. Anyone who has purchased PowerTunes in the last three months (i.e. since July 1st, 2019) and would like a refund, contact us at support@fatcatsoftware.com. Thanks to everybody who used PowerTunes over the years and found it useful for wrangling your iTunes libraries. I’m sad to see it come to an end, but PowerTunes had a good run, and I look forward to being able to concentrate my efforts on PowerPhotos going forward.