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iPhoto Library Manager and iPhoto ‘08

Apple announced the release of a new version of iLife today, which includes an updated version of iPhoto. I don't have any super-secret contacts inside Apple (yet!) that feed me advanced copies of iPhoto, so I don't yet know what the compatibility status of iPhoto Library Manager is with the new iPhoto. In the past, the basic function of creating and switching between libraries in iPhoto Library Manager has been unaffected by updates, but the more advanced features such as copying photos and merging libraries has required an update, and I'm guessing that will probably be the case once again. So, I'll be getting my hands on a copy of iPhoto '08 as soon as I can, and I'll have more information on what works and what doesn't once I get a chance to play around with it some. For now, proceed with caution if you're upgrading to the new iPhoto and use iPhoto Library Manager heavily, and I'll be posting whatever info I find as soon as I find it.Update: 8/9/07 The FedEx guy arrived today with my new copy of iLife '08! As I suspected, it appears you can still create and switch between libraries using iPhoto Library Manager with no problems. Also as I suspected, the following features of iPLM don't work with iPhoto 7:Copying albums/rollsMerging librariesDirect import of photosIf you try to use any of these features, you'll probably get a lovely looking error message along the lines of "*** -[NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]: attempt to insert nil key". Nothing bad will happen if you try to copy stuff between libraries, it just won't work. So, I'll be working on getting these features back up and running, I'll have more of an idea of a timeframe once I get more of a chance to delve into the details.You'll probably also notice that the album list might look a little odd after you work with iPhoto 7 a little bit, as there are some new album types that are displayed in iPLM with a regular album icon. Also, the roll list will not display roll names properly. This is all due to the new "Events" feature in iPhoto 7, which is basically a rebranding of rolls that actually makes them a useful and integral part of the iPhoto experience (you can read more about events/rolls and some other iPhoto 7 changes here).Also, anyone who encounters specific issues with iPhoto '08, please e-mail support@fatcatsoftware.com with your issue, as that will be the best way for me to keep track of them and give a response.