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iPhoto Library Manager 3.8 now available, with iPhoto 9.3 support

iPhoto Library Manager has been updated to version 3.8, which provides full support for working with iPhoto 9.3. If you have an older version of iPLM installed, you can update to 3.8 using the “Check For Updates” menu item within the program. You can see the full list of changes in the release notes, but continue reading here for some of the highlights.The most interesting change Apple made with iPhoto 9.3 is that now it and Aperture 3.3 are capable of opening each other’s libraries directly, rather than having to do a separate step of importing photos from one library to the other. iPhoto Library Manager 3.8 now allows you to add Aperture libraries to your library list, and double clicking on one will open it up in iPhoto. iPLM still only deals with iPhoto directly though, so if you want to open any libraries in Aperture, you’ll need to do so manually using Aperture. Also, although the two programs are now interoperable, the library formats are still different, so iPLM does not support copying event/albums, merging libraries, or rebuilding a library for Aperture libraries - those operations can still only be done with libraries created by iPhoto. The new version of iPhoto Library Manager also has different system requirements, and now requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later and no longer supports PPC Macs. If you need to run on an older machine or operating system, you can still download iPLM 3.7.3 at our iPLM downloads page.