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iPhoto Library Manager 3.4.4 released

iPhoto Library Manager 3.4.4 is now available for download! This is the first of two updates for iPhoto '09 compatibility. This update allows you to copy albums between libraries and merge libraries together under iPhoto '09 just like with previous versions of iPhoto. 3.4.4 also contains some other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements. What this update does not provide is support for some of the new types of data that have been introduced in iPhoto '09. These include:Places: Copying photos between libraries will not yet transfer any place tags that you've assigned to your photos using iPhoto '09. If the photos you imported were already geotagged before importing them into iPhoto, then that same data will be imported by iPhoto in the new library, but if you added the place data yourself using iPhoto, then that data will not be copied. This will be addressed in iPhoto Library Manager 3.5.Faces: Similarly, any faces you've tagged in iPhoto will also not be transferred when you copy/merge using iPLM. This will also be addressed in iPLM 3.5, though it's not clear yet to what extent. From what I can tell, copying the actual face tags over to another library shouldn't be too difficult. What I don't know yet is whether iPhoto's "learning" data can be transferred as well. For example, if you've tagged a whole bunch of faces in one library and iPhoto has learned how to recognize various people, I'm not sure if that training will be transferrable to another library, so any further faces added to a merged library wouldn't benefit from the training in the original library. I'll certainly be looking into doing this if possible, but it may prove to be too complicated to do.Facebook/Flickr: Right now, albums/photosets that have been created on Flickr or Facebook using iPhoto are basically ignored by iPLM. I'll be looking into adding the ability to copy that information between libraries so that you don't have to republish albums after copying them to another library.You can download the 3.4.4 updates either by going to the iPLM home page or by opening iPLM on your machine and selecting the "Check For Updates" menu item. This is a free update for all users, so you can just replace your existing copy of iPLM with the new one with no additional purchase necessary.Update: 2/12/09 An additional 3.4.5 update has now been released to address two issues introduced in 3.4.4. Updating as outlined above will now update you to version 3.4.5.Now I'll be starting work on iPLM 3.5, I can't specify a hard timeline for when it will be done, but I'm hoping to be able to finish up by the end of February at the latest (and hopefully earlier).