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iPhoto ‘09 initial compatibility report

Well, I've had a chance to try out iPhoto '09 for a couple hours now, and here are the notes I have so far regarding compatibility with iPhoto Library Manager:Viewing and switching between existing libraries works fine. iPhoto will prompt you to upgrade your library to the new version when you first open a particular library. Note that after you upgrade a library, you will no longer be able to open it in earlier versions of iPhoto.New libraries created using the current version of iPhoto Library Manager won't work the first time you open them in iPhoto. For now, hold down the option key while opening iPhoto and use its interface to create a new library if you need to create one. You can then use the "Add Library" button in iPhoto Library Manager to add the library to iPLM's library list, after which you can use the library normally. This will be fixed in the upcoming iPLM update.As expected, advanced functions such as copying albums between libraries and merging do not work and will produce an error message. Rebuilding a library will also not work, although the "Extract Photos" function should still work OK. Trying to use these features won't result in any harm, they just won't work. Again, these issues will be fixed in the upcoming iPLM update.iPod Folders appear to work with no problems with iPhoto '09So, that's what I have for now, I'll be continuing to test things out and will post any updates on this page. I'll then be starting work on updating iPLM to fix any of the issues that come up with iPhoto '09. That will be a free update for all users, so if you have purchased or plan on purchasing a copy of iPLM, you will be able to update for free when it is available.Update 1/30/09: I've had a chance to work with iPhoto '09 for a couple days now, and here's what I'm planning on doing. Two of the big new additions to iPhoto '09 are the new Faces and Places features. These features attach new types of metadata to your photos to identify people in the photos and where the photos were taken. It would obviously be very nice to be able to transfer from library to library when copying albums or performing merges. It looks like this is feasible, but it also looks like it will take a fair bit of work and time to accomplish.So, what I think I'm going to do is to get out a quick 3.4.4 update for iPLM that gets things running under iPhoto '09 with the same capabilities as the current version. So, you'll be able to copy albums, merge libraries, etc. but this first update will not handle any of the new Faces/Places data. The update will basically be to get people back up and running so they can use iPLM with iPhoto '09, fixing various issues such as the library creation bug mentioned above, etc. and should hopefully be available sometime next week.Then, after that's out, I'll start in on getting Faces/Places integration working, and once that's done, there will be a separate 3.5 update that will include that new, iPhoto '09 specific functionality. That will probably take a little longer, but it should be doable. If you have photo copying or merging you want to do but want to upgrade to iPhoto '09 right away, I would recommend doing any photo copying/merging you want before doing the iPhoto upgrade. That way, you can get your libraries straightened out, and then go ahead and assign faces/places in the upgraded library. If you assign faces/places and then do your copying/merging, you won't be able to do so while retaining the face/place data until iPLM 3.5 comes out.