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Updates & Upgrades

About updates and upgrades

When a new version of one of our existing programs is released, it will fall into one of two categories: free updates, and paid upgrades. The vast majority of new versions will be a free update, meaning that if you have already purchased a license for that product, you can simply download the new version and replace your old version, and it will continue to work just as it always has.

A new release will only be a paid upgrade if it includes major new features that require significant development time. This will usually be signified by a change in the major version number for the product. For example, an update from version 1.2 to 1.3 of a product will be free, but an update from 1.x to 2.0 may require purchasing an upgrade license. There is no preset timeline for when either free or paid updates are released.

A free update may sometimes change the minimum system requirements which will prevent you from being able to run the new version on your machine. In this case, the latest version that runs on the older hardware/software will stil be made available, but will receive no further bug fixes or other updates.

None of our products have any subscriptions - everything is a one time purchase with no recurring charges.


PowerPhotos 1.0 was first released in 2015, and received its first paid upgrade release as PowerPhotos 2.0 in 2022. Any PowerPhotos license purchased starting on April 6, 2022 will work with PowerPhotos 2.0. Any PowerPhotos or iPhoto Library Manager purchased before that can can be upgraded to PowerPhotos 2.0 and receive a 50% discount by entering your license key when ordering at our online store. If you’ve lost track of your license key, you can have it emailed to you at our lost license page

PlistEdit Pro

All existing updates for PlistEdit Pro have been free updates, so anyone who owns a PlistEdit Pro license can update to the latest version for free.