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PowerPhotos vs. iPhoto Library Manager

Fat Cat Software makes two very similar products: PowerPhotos and iPhoto Library Manager. Each product performs many of the same functions, but PowerPhotos works with Apple's current "Photos" app, while iPhoto Library Manager works with the older "iPhoto". Below is a summary of their similarities and their differences.

Fat Cat Software app


works with

iPhoto Library Manager 4

works with

Apple app


Photos is the built-in photo management app that currently ships with all new Macs.


iPhoto was the built-in photo management app on the Mac for many years, until it was replaced by Photos in 2015.

Licensing and pricing

If you have purchased either PowerPhotos or iPhoto Library Manager 4 at any time, that same license can be used with both programs. Enter the name and serial number that was emailed to you when purchasing into the registration window, and you can access the full features of either program.

There is no need to purchase separate licenses for the two programs.

A single user license costs $29.95, and if you purchased iPhoto Library Manager 3 in the past, you can use your old serial number to receive upgrade pricing of $14.95.

Lost license lookup

Features in common

Create and manage multiple photo libraries
Browse photos and albums in grid and list view
Search for photos across multiple libraries
Find and eliminate duplicate photos
Copy photos and albums from one library to another
Merge multiple libraries together

Feature differences

Delete photos directly from PowerPhotos
Create albums directly from PowerPhotos
Migration assistant helps migrate multiple iPhoto libraries to Photos

"Rebuild Library" command for corrupt libraries

Copying limitations

Faces and projects cannot be copied

Full PowerPhotos copying limitations

Projects cannot be copied

Full iPhoto Library Manager copying limitations

System requirements

PowerPhotos {pwph_version} requires macOS Catalina (10.15) or Big Sur (11.0)

iPhoto still runs on systems up to macOS Mojave, but does not run on Catalina and is no longer receiving updates from Apple.

iPhoto Library Manager requires macOS 10.6.8 through 10.13.6 (10.14 and later not supported).