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Licensing PowerPhotos

Many of the features of PowerPhotos work without a license key, but if you find PowerPhotos useful and/or wish to use some of the advanced features only available to licensed users, a license can be purchased for $29.95 by clicking the “Purchase PowerPhotos” button in the upper right corner of the main window, or online at https://www.fatcatsoftware.com/store. The differences between a licensed and an unlicensed copy of the program are outlined below

  Unlicensed Licensed
Create new libraries Yes Yes
Use existing libraries Yes Yes
Library groups Up to 3 Unlimited
Search libraries Yes Yes
Find duplicate photos Find duplicates only Delete duplicates
Copy photos and albums 20 photos at a time Unlimited photo copying
Merge libraries Preview only Full merge
Delete photos 20 photos at a time Unlimited photo deletion
Export photos 20 photos at a time Unlimited exports
Migrate iPhoto libraries 2 libraries at a time Unlimited libraries at a time

Unlicensed copies of PowerPhotos can be used on as many computers as you’d like. A license for PowerPhotos is for a single user, but allows for use on two machines (e.g. a desktop and a laptop). If you intend have more than one user using the license-only features of the program, you should purchase a license key for each person who will be using the program. If you buy a key for multiple users, the number of users the license covers will be shown in the license window.

Entering your license info

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive an email your license info, consisting of the name you used to purchase, and a unique license key. If you already have the PowerPhotos app installed on your Mac, the email will have a “Activate License” link which will automatically open up PowerPhotos and enter your license info for you.

If that doesn’t work for any reason, you can also enter your license manually by opening PowerPhotos and selecting “License…” from the PowerPhotos menu in the upper left, next to the Apple menu. This will bring up the license window where you can enter the name and license key from your email. Both the name and license key need to be exactly the same as in your order, so make sure to copy and paste them from your email rather than try to type them in yourself.

Note: past versions of PowerPhotos have used the terms “registration code” or “serial number” but was later changed “license key”. There is no functional change between the two, just a terminology change.

Upgrading from PowerPhotos 1.0 or iPhoto Library Manager

If you have an existing license for PowerPhotos 1.0 or any version of iPhoto Library Manager, you can receive a 50% discount when upgrading to PowerPhotos 2.0 by entering your old license key when placing your order at https://www.fatcatsoftware.com/store.

If you’re running PowerPhotos 2.0 on a Mac that already has a PowerPhotos 1.0 or iPLM license, the “Upgrade PowerPhotos” button will automatically send your existing license key for you when placing an in-app order.

If you need to retrieve your license info, visit our lost license page.

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