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Log files

Whenever you perform any operation that alters a Photos library, such as finding duplicates, copying photos, or merging libraries, PowerPhotos will create a log file containing basic information about what’s going on as the copying takes place. You can access these log files by selecting “Show Logs” from the Window menu. In the folder that is revealed, you will see a separate log file for each copy operation that you’ve done using PowerPhotos. The name of each log file consists of the date and time that the operation began, followed by a brief description of the operation (e.g. “2009-04-09 093421-Merge (Hawaii, Florida) into ‘Vacation’.log”) The files will open by default in the Console application when you double click them, but they are just plain text files, and can be opened in any other program that can read text files, such as TextEdit or Microsoft Word. Log files that are older than thirty days will automatically be cleaned up by PowerPhotos, so that your logs folder doesn’t accumulate new log files forever.

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