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PlistEdit Pro provides several ways to customize the program to the way you work. You can access these preferences by selecting the Preferences menu item in the PlistEdit Pro menu, or by pressing command-comma.

General tab

Display tab

Definitions tab

This tab displays all the structure definitions that are installed on your system. Refer to “Managing installed structure definitions” for more details on this tab.

Browsing tab

This tab contains settings that affect property list browsers. When creating a new browser from a folder, or adding new items to an existing browser window, you can tell PlistEdit Pro what file extensions to scan the newly added folder for. Only files that match an extension in the list will be added. PlistEdit Pro can also read the ‘plst’ resource from the resource fork of a file (used by non-bundled Carbon applications). Checking the “Scan resource forks” checkbox will add any file that has a resource fork with a ‘plst’ resource whose ID is 0. Be aware that enabling this option can cause the scanning process to take significantly longer.

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