FlickrExport for Aperture
Version: 4.1.2
  • Mac OS X v10.6.8 and later
    (El Capitan compatible)
  • Aperture v3.0 and later
  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
FlickrExport for iPhoto

FlickrExport is no longer supported. Click here for more information

FlickrExport is a plugin for Aperture that provides advanced photo uploading to your account on Flickr. Start by simply selecting the photos you want to upload and using Aperture's "Export" command, and then use FlickExport's advanced options to customize the data included with your photos.

Features and screenshots

Upload photos with custom metadata

Photo metadataSelect and assign metadata to multiple photos before uploading them to Flickr. FlickrExport will automatically pull titles, description, keywords, and locations from Aperture, or you can specify your own on the fly.

Update or replace existing photos

Update existing photosFlickrExport can keep track of which photos you have already uploaded Flickr. If you later edit a photo or its metadata in Aperture, FlickrExport can automatically replace the existing photo with the newly edited one, or just update the photo's metadata without uploading a new copy.

Add photos to groups

Flickr GroupsAfter uploading your photos, you can choose to add them to any number of Flickr groups that you belong to. You can even save preset lists of groups if there are particular group combinations that you upload to frequently.

Manage your photo albums

Flickr AlbumsOrganize your uploaded photos by adding them to albums you already have set up on Flickr, or easily create a brand new album for your newly uploaded photos.

Privacy, content, and license controls

Privacy and license controlsKeep control over your content by specifying who can see your photos (privacy and safety), what type of content your photos represent (content), and how your photos can be distributed (license).

Multiple account support

Multiple account managementIf you have multiple Flickr accounts, you can easily switch between them in FlickrExport to upload different photos to different accounts.

Advanced geolocation options

Geolocation dataManage your photos' locations by using FlickrExport's presets to save commonly used locations. GPS track files can also be loaded to assign tracked locations to your photos based on their dates.

You can download a demo version of FlickrExport for Aperture which will function for 30 days without a license, subject to the following restrictions:

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