Fat Cat Software

Sunsetting FlickrExport for iPhoto and Aperture

After Apple’s decision to stop development on iPhoto and Aperture a couple years ago, the number of people using them has declined as folks have shifted over to the new Photos app, or other photo management solutions. Given the small audience for people both still using iPhoto/Aperture and Flickr, I’ve decided to discontinue sales and support for the FlickrExport plugins for these programs. I am considering creating a version of FlickrExport for Photos, but it would require a significant rewrite, especially given that Photos does not have a plugin architecture for exporting photos like iPhoto and Aperture did, so I don’t have any concrete timeline for if/when that might happen. If you are interested in seeing such a product, do get in touch and let me know what features of FlickrExport you found most useful over the years.