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Status of iPhoto Library Manager and iPhoto 9.2

Apple released a lot of new software today, including iOS 5, iCloud, and iPhoto 9.2, which includes support for iCloud’s new Photo Stream feature. The good news is I’ve been working with betas of iPhoto 9.2 that were made available to developers to test out Photo Stream, so most of the hard work in updating iPhoto Library Manager to work with iPhoto 9.2 has already been done. The bad news is that Apple managed to throw in a few last minute bugs which are causing intermittent issues when copying photos between libraries that I’ll need to work around before I can post the update for iPLM. The issues are relatively small, so I hope to be able to work out the kinks by the end of the week. In the meantime, if you decide to update to iPhoto 9.2, you’ll still be able to use your iPhoto libraries just fine, but you won’t be able to copy albums/events, merge libraries, or rebuild a library until iPLM can be updated. If you need to do any of those things, then I’d recommend waiting to update iPhoto for now. I’ll post further updates here on the state of things as they progress.