Fat Cat Software

Snow Leopard compatibility

Since Apple announced yesterday that they are releasing Snow Leopard on the 28th, I thought I'd post a quick note about the compatibility status of our products. I've run all of them through a thorough testing suite over the last few weeks to try and find any potential compatibility problems.iPhoto Library ManagerUpdated 9/16/09: A handful of users reported crashes when attempting to copy photos on Snow Leopard using iPhoto Library Manager 3.5.3. The cause of this bug has been found and fixed in iPhoto Library Manager 3.5.4.PowerTunesThere are no known issues with Snow Leopard for the current version (1.1) of PowerTunes.PlistEdit ProOnly one issue was found in version 1.4.1 when running on Snow Leopard, but it was a fairly large one: plist files would not open in PlistEdit Pro when double clicking them from the Finder (the "Open" item in the File menu still worked properly). I just posted version 1.4.2 of PlistEdit Pro today, which fixes this problem, so if you encounter this issue, just use the "Check For Updates" menu item to update to 1.4.2.I do my best to find any issues before an OS X update is released, but if you have any problems upon upgrading to Snow Leopard, please e-mail support@fatcatsoftware.com with a description of your problem, and we'll try to get things figured out ASAP.