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PowerTunes compatibility with iTunes 9

Apple released a new version of iTunes today, version 9.0, which adds several major new features to iTunes. Some of the changes in the new version will cause several features of PowerTunes not to work properly with iTunes 9.0 installed. The affected features are:Copying tracks and playlists between libraries: you will not even be allowed to drag and drop tracks or playlists on a library to attempt to copy themMerging libraries: an error message will be displayed almost immediately upon starting a mergeFixing dead tracks: no items will be displayed in the dead tracks list, even if dead tracks are present in the libraryAn update for PowerTunes will be published soon that will address the issues listed above. Preliminary testing indicates that all other features of PowerTunes work normally with iTunes 9, so you can continue to switch between your libraries, create new libraries, find orphaned tracks, and so forth using the current version of PowerTunes (1.1). If you do experience any problems with PowerTunes 1.1 and iTunes 9.0, please use the "Contact Support" menu item in the Help menu, or e-mail support@fatcatsoftware.comYou can check the "Automatically check for updates" checkbox in the PowerTunes preferences window to be notified when the update is made available, and/or keep an eye on this blog for further postings.