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PowerTunes 1.0 is out!

I'm proud to announce that today I'm releasing a brand new application, PowerTunes! PowerTunes is to iTunes what iPhoto Library Manager is to iPhoto - it will let you:Create multiple iTunes libraries and switch between them easilyKeep track of a separate music folder for each one of your librariesLet you copy playlists and tracks between libraries without losing iTunes data such as play counts, ratings, etc.Merge multiple iTunes libraries together into oneEasily share libraries and music folders among multiple users on your machineFind dead tracks in your library whose files have gone missing and hook them back up or delete themClean up your music folder, finding orphaned music and video files that aren't in your libraryIt's very satisfying to finally ship, especially after having worked on PowerTunes in one form or another for about a year and a half now. It's been my number one request from existing users of iPhoto Library Manager and it's been something I've wanted to do for quite a while.As is always the case, I had way more feature ideas than I could possibly hope to implement in a 1.0 release (otherwise it would never ship!). In deciding the feature set for the program, I tried to concentrate on things relating to file management. There are plenty of things I could have done involving messing around with editing tags and such, which is a very common need, but is also already covered by a lot of other apps out there. My hope is that PowerTunes' feature set is unique enough to be useful to many iTunes users, even if they already have one or more other iTunes helper programs.The development process was, as always, enlightening, and I definitely plan to write up a couple blog posts exploring some aspects of developing this program. The most interesting thing overall is the program's similarity in function to iPhoto Library Manager. This allowed me to reuse a bunch of code from iPLM, but it also gave me the opportunity to look back at the way I did some things in iPLM and reimplement them in new, better ways. The result of that is now giving me an overwhelming urge to tear up iPLM's internals and redo it to match the way things work in PowerTunes. :)So, go ahead and give PowerTunes a try! The program has a 30 day trial period during which all features of the application are fully accessible. After that, you'll still be able to do the most basic things like open up your existing libraries, but most of the advanced functionality will be turned off until you get a license for the software.And in case you're wondering why I chose the name "PowerTunes" instead of, say, "iTunes Library Manager", the answer is a) there is already a product with that name, and b) I learned my lesson with iPhoto Library Manager, whose name is really way too long. I mean come on - 9 syllables? What was I thinking? :)