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PowerPhotos 1.1 public beta - now with copying and merging!

Since PowerPhotos 1.0 came out back in April, the number one request I’ve gotten is to be able to copy photos between libraries and merge Photos libraries together, much like iPhoto Library Manager could do with iPhoto libraries. I’m pleased to announce that PowerPhotos 1.1 will once again include the ability to do both! Due to the complexity of this new functionality, I would like to put this new version of PowerPhotos through a beta testing period, to test it on a wide variety of libraries and make sure all the bugs get fully worked out before a general release. Anyone is welcome to download the latest beta build at the link below, but make sure you know the following.  This is beta software. There may very well still be undiscovered bugs that you’ll encounter in using the program. If you want to merge libraries but you’d rather not have to deal with potential bugs, then just wait until the final release is available. Due to some crucial bugs that were in Photos on OS X Yosemite, but have now been fixed in OS X El Capitan (released on September 30th), PowerPhotos 1.1 will require El Capitan. So, anyone wanting to try out the beta will need to upgrade to El Capitan first. Make sure to back up your Photos libraries before using the beta. Since there may very well still be bugs that need fixing, so you should make sure to have your data backed up before you dive in. If you use Time Machine or another local backup program, that will work fine, or you can simply make a straight copy of your Photos library, either using the Finder or the “Duplicate Library” command in PowerPhotos. iCloud Photo Library is not a backup. Any changes you make to the local copy of your library (e.g. by copying new photos into it) will automatically start getting uploaded to your iCloud library, and there will be no easy way to revert your iCloud library to its previous state after doing so. You should have a separate local backup of the library you have set up to sync with iCloud, and if you want to do any work with that library, it’s recommended that you either make a copy of the library first and work with the copy, or disable iCloud syncing while you do your work. Once you’ve finished your work and made sure you approve of the results, you can then reenable iCloud syncing to let Photos upload your new changes. Since Photos is a bit more restrictive than iPhoto was, there are a few additional limitations to what data can be copied between libraries compared to what was possible with iPhoto. The main limitations are that faces and reversible photo edits will not be preserved when copying photos between libraries. For more details, take a look at the beta documentation.If you encounter any problems while using the PowerPhotos beta, the best way to contact us is by using the “Contact Support” menu item, accessible via the Help menu within the app. This will let you easily submit logs and other configuration information that will help troubleshoot your problem. You can also get in touch at support@fatcatsoftware.com. Download the PowerPhotos 1.1 beta