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PowerPhotos 1.1 is now available, with photo copying and library merging

I’m pleased to announce that PowerPhotos 1.1 is now available for download! Most notably, the new version now allows you to copy photos directly between Photos libraries, as well as merge multiple Photos libraries into one. This is a free update for all existing users of both PowerPhotos and iPhoto Library Manager 4, so anyone with a serial number for either app can use it as-is with PowerPhotos 1.1. Thanks to everyone who helped stamp out various bugs during the beta testing period!iPhoto Library Manager has long been able to copy photos between iPhoto libraries, and merge iPhoto libraries together. PowerPhotos 1.0 took a lot of work to get just the basic features up and running with an entirely new Photos app, so getting copying and merging working took a little longer, but I’m glad that it’s finally here. Photos does impose a few more restrictions than iPhoto in terms of what can be copied between libraries, which you can read about in more detail in the PowerPhotos manual. Photos on OS X Yosemite had some critical bugs that prevented PowerPhotos from being able to reliably implement its photo copying and library merging features. These bugs were fixed by Apple in the next update, El Capitan, so the current version of PowerPhotos requires that you be running El Capitan or later. If you’re still running Yosemite, you can still download the old version of PowerPhotos, but of course that version will not have the new copying/merging features. One other change with the new version is that there is now a single license that you purchase which can be used with either PowerPhotos or iPhoto Library Manager. This simplifies the decision making when it comes to figuring out which one to buy, and lets you do work in either iPhoto or Photos, if you’re in the process of transitioning over from iPhoto. All previous licenses for either PowerPhotos or iPhoto Library Manager 4 can also be used with both programs now as well.