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PowerPhotos 1.0 is now available!

I’m please to announce the release of PowerPhotos 1.0, which is now available at http://www.fatcatsoftware.com/powerphotos for managing your Photos libraries on the Mac.PowerPhotos is very similar in concept to iPhoto Library Manager, but works with Apple’s new Photos app instead of the venerable iPhoto. You can use it to create multiple Photos libraries, browse and search through them easily, and quickly switch between your various libraries. PowerPhotos’ browser gives you more detailed information about your photos and their metadata, and lets you reveal the underlying photo files in the Finder, or in Photos itself. You can also use PowerPhotos to search your libraries for duplicate photos and mark the extras so you can delete them from your libraries and free up extra disk space. And, if you have a bunch of iPhoto libraries you want to migrate over to be Photos libraries, PowerPhotos includes a migration assistant that can perform multiple migrations for you without needing to babysit the process. PowerPhotos is being made available for free for all iPhoto Library Manager 4 customers, whether you purchased iPLM previously or are purchasing it today. You can simply use your existing iPLM serial number to register your copy of PowerPhotos. For more on moving from iPhoto Library Manager to PowerPhotos, check out our transition FAQ. PowerPhotos 1.0 does not include the copying, merging, and rebuilding features currently present in iPhoto Library Manager, though we are definitely investigating the possibility of adding similar functionality into a future PowerPhotos update. If you have iPhoto libraries that you want to both merge together and move over to Photos, you can use iPhoto Library Manager to perform the merge first, then migrate the resulting merged library over to Photos. I’m really excited to get PowerPhotos out into the world, and hope you enjoy it. Feel free to read more details in the PowerPhotos manual, and if you have any questions, email us at Fat Cat Software support or on Twitter at @fatcatsoftware.