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iPLM 3.5 getting close to release

The beta testing for iPhoto Library Manager 3.5 has been going well, although it's taken a bit longer than I would have ideally liked it to, both due to issues in the program and "real life" delays. However, those who've tried it out have helped uncover a number of different bugs, and the number of bug reports has been steadily dwindling. Thanks to all who've provided reports on your experiences with the beta!I've posted several new builds since the initial beta went out, and we're now up to beta 12, which can be downloaded here. This fixes a couple persistent crashers from beta 5 onwards, along with several improvements in the photo copying process. If you've been running a previous beta and have encountered problems, I highly recommend downloading the new one.There are still several minor items to be done before 3.5 can go final, but there are no more major changes to make, and currently no known issues. Of course, we'll see if anything crops up this week as people have a chance to test things out, but I'm hopeful that the final release will be ready sometime next week. But, as always, nothing is written in stone, and I won't be finalizing the release until I'm confident things have been sufficiently tested.