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iPhoto Library Manager and iPhoto ‘11 compatibility

In their media event today, Apple announced a new version of iPhoto, iPhoto '11. I have not yet obtained a copy of the new iPhoto, so I don't yet know exactly what the compatibility issues will be, but in the past, what's typically been the case is that basic activities such as creating libraries and switching between them usually continue to work fine, but the more advanced functions like copying albums or merging libraries have required an iPhoto Library Manager updated in order to work properly.I will be updating this post with more details as soon as I'm able to get my hands on the new software and give it a try. For the time being, if you need to be able to continue performing copies between iPhoto libraries, I'd recommend holding off on upgrading to iPhoto '11 for now. If you just need to create and switch between libraries though, then upgrading shouldn't present a problem.Update 10/21: I've now had a chance to do some preliminary tests with iPhoto '11, and things are just as I expected. Creating libraries and switching between them works fine, but an update will be required for photo copying to work with the new version. I've already started work on the update (which will be free) and hope to get it out there in the next couple of weeks.Update 10/24: I released a quick 3.5.8 update yesterday, which doesn't yet provide full iPhoto '11 compatibility, but does provide a couple improvements for iPhoto '11 users, including a fix for those experiencing the issue of being unable to reopen a library after upgrading it to the new iPhoto version. If you have such a library, simply open the library up via iPLM, and you should be prompted by iPhoto to upgrade the library again. Once it's complete, you should then be able to close and reopen the library normally.Update 11/5: Just thought I'd chime in with a progress update. Things have been coming along nicely, though it looks like the complete update will take a little longer than I originally thought. The main reason for this is that it seems, due to various issues people have had with iPhoto '11, either in terms of bugs or just not liking the new interface, there are a fair number of people interesting in reverting from iPhoto 9.x back to iPhoto 8.x. So, I'm engineering things in such a way to allow people to copy data from an iPhoto 9 library back to an iPhoto 8 library (as much as is feasible, in any case). However, this adds a bit of extra complexity to things, and thus takes a bit longer to complete. I think the extra wait will be worth it though.Update 11/21: Sorry for the delay since the last post, but the iPhoto '11 update is currently in beta testing and is functioning well. I hope to be able to tie up some loose ends and have the release ready by Wednesday 11/24 at the latest.Also, anyone having various issues with iPhoto '11 that are looking for help, please contact support@fatcatsoftware.com. A blog post comment thread is not a very good place to provide assistance. :)