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iPhoto Library Manager 3.2.5 released

Version 3.2.5 of iPhoto Library Manager was released today. The biggest change was the addition of a new option to help with keeping track of duplicates when copying albums or merging libraries. There has been an option for a while to skip importing duplicate photos, so you don't end up with multiple copies of the same photo. The downside to this was that if you copied an album over to another library, but some of those photos were already in that library, then only the photos that were newly imported (i.e. the non-duplicates) would get added to the album after the copy was complete. In 3.2.5, there is a new setting in the preferences window that will tell iPLM to add the existing copy of any duplicate photo to albums that get copied over. So now, whenever you copy an album, all the photos from the original album will be added to the copied album, regardless of whether they were duplicates that already existed in the new library or non-duplicates that were just imported while doing the copy.To see the full list of changes, check out the release notes. You can download the update here.