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iPhoto 7 editing behavior

While fiddling around with the editing controls in iPhoto 7, I came across a small bit of new behavior that I thought may be interesting to some. If you use any of the sliders in the "Adjust" palette, iPhoto 7 will actually remember the positions of those sliders if you come back to that photo to edit it a second time.Picture after editing and reopeningThis is in contrast to iPhoto 6, where opening this photo back up again would result in the "Temperature" slider being reset to 0. This is pretty cool overall, even if it prevents you from doing X-TREME 200% SHARPNESS adjustments by sliding the slider to 100% twice.However, if you choose to edit your photo with an external editor, such as Photoshop or Preview, iPhoto will not remember these slider settings.Picture after editing in PreviewAlso note that when copying photos with iPhoto Library Manager, transferring both the original and modified versions of the photo does the equivalent of editing in an external editor, so the slider settings won't be transferred.