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Information on the macOS Catalina beta

Apple just announced the next version of macOS 10.15, called Catalina, which will have its final release in the fall. A beta version of the OS has been provided to developers, and will be available to those in the public beta program in a few weeks. These initial betas are only intended for development and not to be run full time, but for those brave souls running the beta seeds, I’ve done some initial testing of our software with the initial beta, and this is what you should know.  PowerPhotos currently isn’t able to read Photos libraries that have been upgraded by the version of Photos on Catalina. PowerPhotos will be updated with support for Catalina by the time the final release comes along, but until then, if you need to do work using PowerPhotos with your Photos libraries, you should keep using macOS 10.14 Mojave. iPhoto Library Manager already only supports up to macOS 10.13 High Sierra, and iPhoto itself appears to no longer work on Catalina either, so if you do plan on upgrading in the fall, you will need to migrate over to Photos/PowerPhotos at that time. In macOS Catalina, Apple has split iTunes into three separate apps: Music, Podcasts, and TV. The new Music app does not appear to support multiple libraries like iTunes does, so PowerTunes will not be updated to work with the Music app on Catalina. I don’t yet know if iTunes will still be available for people who still want to run it on Catalina, and whether it will make sense for PowerTunes to support it if it does end up being possible. I’ll post further updates as things become more clear on this front. PlistEdit Pro appears to work fine on Catalina, and shouldn’t require any major updates.