Fat Cat Software

Indie Relief: You get great software, proceeds go to Haiti

Put together over the last week or so by Justin Williams of Second Gear Software, the Indie Relief promotion includes over 140 Mac and iPhone developers who have banded together and pledged to donate all of today's (January 20th) proceeds from their software sales to various charities in order to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake.I'm happy to announce that Fat Cat Software is participating, so the proceeds from any purchases of iPhoto Library Manager, PowerTunes, or PlistEdit Pro that happen today will be given to Doctors Without Borders to help Haiti in its recovery from this tragic crisis.So, head over to www.indierelief.com, where you can browse through over 200 Mac and iPhone applications. Purchase any of them today, January 20th, and the proceeds will be donated to a charity of the developer's choice. Or, if no software grabs your fancy, you can also donate directly to one of the charities listed on the page.P.S. Because of the global nature of the companies involved, there has been a little confusion about time zones, what counts as January 20th, and so forth. Each developer will make their own decision on that, but what I've decided is to include all sales starting at midnight on Jan. 20th Eastern time through 11:59 PM Pacific time. So, it will actually be a range of 27 hours worth of purchases which will be given to charity.