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All our apps are ready for OS X Yosemite

Apple released the next major version of OS X today, called Yosemite, which is a free update for all Mac users. The latest version of all of our apps are compatible with Yosemite, so you can go ahead and perform the upgrade, and you’ll be able to run all Fat Cat Software apps. Read on for more details on the latest versions of the apps.iPhoto Library Manager: iPLM did not require any major changes to be compatible with Yosemite, but version 4.1.9 does have a couple minor fixes worth having, so it’s recommended to make sure you’re up to date for Yosemite. FlickrExport: No changes were required for Yosemite compatibility, so the current version (4.1.2) should work fine. PowerTunes: PowerTunes did not require any changes for Yosemite itself, but Apple did also update iTunes to version 12 at the same time. The previous version of PowerTunes does have some issues creating new libraries with iTunes 12, so you should update to the latest version (1.3.1) to ensure that everything works smoothly with the new version of iTunes. PlistEdit Pro: PlistEdit Pro also did not require any major changes for Yosemite, but version 1.8 was released recently which adds a couple new features and is worth upgrading to regardless of whether you’re running Yosemite. And as always, if you do encounter any problems after downloading Yosemite, please drop up a line at support@fatcatsoftware.com and we’ll be glad to help.