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iPhoto Library Manager 4 Upgrade FAQ

What are the system requirements for iPLM 4?

iPLM 4 requires OS X 10.6.8 or later and iPhoto 8.1.2 or later. Note that iPLM 3 supports back to OS X 10.5.8 and iPhoto 4.0.3, so be sure to check if you meet the new requirements before buying/upgrading.

How much does upgrading cost versus buying a new license for iPLM 4?

A new license for iPLM 4 costs $29.95, but upgrading from iPLM 3 only costs $14.95.

I already own iPLM 3. How do I upgrade to iPLM 4?

Upgrading to iPLM 4 requires providing your iPLM 3 serial number to prove that you are eligible for the upgrade. If you already have iPLM 3 installed and registered on your current system, you can download iPLM 4 and select "Purchase" from the "iPLM" menu in the upper left. This will send you to our web store with your iPLM 3 serial number already filled in for you. Alternately, you can go to our web store directly and enter your serial number manually there when placing your order.

I've lost track of my iPLM 3 serial number. How do I retrieve it so I can upgrade to iPLM 4?

Visit our lost license page and enter the e-mail address you used to originally purchase iPLM 3. You will be sent an e-mail that includes your serial number and a link that will send you to our web store where you can place your order.

I purchased iPLM 3, but it wasn't very long ago. Do I need to pay for an upgrade?

All serial numbers issued after May 17, 2012 will automatically work with iPLM 4, no upgrade required. If you've already used it to register iPLM 3 on your system, it will automatically be recognized by iPLM 4 when you first open it. You can also open the registration window in iPLM 4 and enter your name and serial number there to register manually.

I don't meet the system requirements for iPLM 4 but would still like to manage my libraries. Can I still use iPLM 3 to do this?

Yes. If you purchase an iPLM 4 license on our web store, you can use that same serial number with iPLM 3 as well. If you upgrade your system in the future so that you meet the new requirements for iPLM 4, you can then install and register iPLM 4 using the same serial number. You can download version 3 from our iPLM downloads page.

Is iPLM 3 still supported?

Yes, iPLM 3 is still supported and you can continue to use it, though only bug fix updates will be issued from now on, and no new features will be added. iPLM 3 does work on OS X 10.9 Mavericks, but cannot be used to copy photos with iPhoto 9.5. Upgrading to iPLM 4 will be necessary if you want to perform copying operations with iPhoto 9.5 and later.

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