Fat Cat Software

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be easily summarized in one line:

We never sell or rent any of your data to third parties, ever.

Fat Cat Software earns its money by selling software, never by monetizing your private data. We collect and keep as little data from you as we possibly can. Here is a summary of the information that we do collect.

Licensing: When you place an order with us, we only keep your name and email address, to allow you to retrieve your software license again in the future. Our financial transactions are handled by our reseller, FastSpring.

Version Checking: Our software has the ability to automatically check for and download new updates. The second time you launch the software, you’ll be given the option to enable these automatic updates, in which case the software will contact our server periodically. You can also opt-in to sending anonymous usage data each time the server is contacted if you wish to help us better understand what hardware and software versions our customers are using. The collected data is only useful in the aggregate and is not tied to any particular user.

Email list: We maintain a customer email list which we will very occasionally send messages to, usually when a major new update is available. You can sign up for the email either via an opt-in checkbox when placing an order with us, or via a confirmed opt-in form on our website. All emails will contain an unsubscribe link at the bottom and are sent using Campaign Monitor.

Support: We provide customer support via email, and all communications and data sent to us will remain confidential. Our software also has built-in facilities to send logs and other application data if you contact us via the Help menu. Each program’s documentation outlines the details of exactly what data will be sent. This data is stored on a secure server and is automatically deleted 30 days after being sent.