Common tasks

  1. Copying photos from one Mac to another
  2. Merging libraries from two different Macs
  3. Copying photos from a CD/DVD backup
  4. Restoring photos from Time Machine
  5. Storing a library on an external drive
  6. Splitting a library into smaller libraries
  7. Creating a new library using photos not already in iPhoto
  8. Transferring your iPhoto Library Manager setup to a new Mac

Frequently asked questions

  1. How can I make the same list of keywords appear in all my iPhoto libraries?
  2. If I just copied an album to another library, is it safe to delete that album from the original library? How do I do that?
  3. Why is the rebuilt/merged copy of my library smaller than the original library?
  4. Can I use iPhoto Library Manager to "downgrade" my library to an older version of iPhoto?
  5. How does iPhoto Library Manager handle photos stored outside the iPhoto library package?
  6. I moved a bunch of duplicates to the trash, but how do I move them back out?


  1. Disappearing iPhoto libraries on external drives
  2. Dealing with a corrupt iPhoto library
  3. iPhoto Library Manager stops and displays an error message when copying or merging
  4. iPhoto gives an error message when trying to open a library
  5. iPhoto Library Manager stalls during a long operation

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