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Making Procrastination Even More Fun

iColumns originated several years ago when I was digging through some old Zip disks one day and found a bunch of old games that I hadn't played in years. One of those games was a game called Columns, a game to which I had been addicted for quite some time during high school. I quickly got myself re-addicted, but while working in Mac OS X, I soon grew tired of having to fire up Classic or reboot whenever I wanted to play a game. So, I decided to write my own version, updated for the new millenium. It runs natively on Mac OS X, written completely in Cocoa, and features Aqua-y graphics.

The object of iColumns is to align three or more pieces of the same color, making them disappear and make room to place new columns of pieces that fall from the top of the board. Keep eliminating pieces and scoring points until the pile reaches the top of the board. Simple, but addictive!

Runs on both PPC and Intel machines and requires Mac OS X version 10.1 or higher.

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