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Working with geolocation data

If your photos have locations assigned to them in iPhoto/Aperture, the latitude/longitude can be included when uploading photos to Flickr. When you first set up a Flickr account, uploading geolocation data is disabled by default, for privacy reasons. If you do wish to upload location data with your photos, you will need to set your geo privacy preferences on Flickr at

As with the other fields, if you wish to enter location information manually, you can type your own values into the latitude/longitude fields. FlickrExport also provides a few other options for obtaining location data.


If you have certain locations that you want to use frequently when uploading photos, you can save a location as a preset using the gear menu next to the location fields. Choosing “Save as Preset” will save the current latitude & longitude with a name you give it, so you can easily use that same location later by simply selecting it again from the menu. The “Manage Presets” menu item also lets you rename and remove presets.

Google Earth

If you have Google Earth installed on your Mac, you can select “Capture Location from Google Earth” to assign whatever location is currently being displayed in the Google Earth application to the selected photo(s). Note that this function is disabled in iPhoto 9.3 and later and Aperture 3.3 and later due to Apple’s sandboxing restrictions.

GPS Tracks

If you have a GPS track (.gpx) file with location data that you wish to assign to the photos you’re exporting, selecting “Load GPS Track File” from the gear menu will allow you to choose the GPS track file you want to use, and configure assigning waypoints found in the file to your photos.

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